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GIFT Certificates.

Give the ultimate gift of perfect brows!
You may have a set dollar amount you want for the gift, but we encourage you to review our many services and pricing on the book appointment page before you decide.

The person the gift certificate is given to will need to contact Blush Beauty + Brows by email or call or text us at
317.627.4319 to set up their appointment.  If you do not receive the email with the gift certificate attached, please check your spam or junk mail folder for order.

​​Gift certificates are valid for services only.  They cannot be used to purchase any products.  They are non refundable and do not have any cash value.  Each gift certificate has a unique verification code, therefore duplicates are invalid and cannot be used.

​​The minimum gift certificate amount is $50 and the maximum is $550.  Of course, you may always purchase more than one if $450 isn't enough!  Please note, the gift certificate expires 12 months from the date of purchase, not from the day you give it to the person.
Paypal only for online purchase. If you would like to purchase a physical gift certificate, please email us or call or text us at 317.627.4319 to set up a time to visit our location. Thank you for sharing us with your special person!
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